New Year’s Eve Omakase Menu

We are now taking a reservation for NYE, December 31st. Click here to request a table.

New Year’s Eve Omakase
8-course special tasting menu: $120 per guest
We will not able to accommodate dietary restrictions without advanced notice.


Valentine’s Day sake pairing +80 per guest

Hamaguri Littleneck Clam Osuimono

Assorted Plate

柿と冬野菜の白和え ぶぶあられ添え
Persimmon & Winter Vegetables Shira-ae
Japanese persimmon, shimeji mushroom, and spinach. Mixed with tofu dressing and topped with fried rice cracker

Washugyu & Renkon Amakara-ni
Washugyu beef and renkon lotus roots simmered in sweet soy sauce

Kanburi Yuan-yaki
Grilled winter yellowtail glazed with yuzu soy sauce

ぜんきち自家製豆腐 北海道雲丹といくらのせ
Zenkichi Housemade Tofu
Silky housemade tofu topped with sea urchin and marinated salmon roe

Hudson Valley Foie Gras Miso-zuke
Lightly seared miso-cured foie gras

Three Kinds of Sashimi
Fatty Bluefin Tuna from Spain
Shima Aji from Fukuoka
King Salmon from Alaska

カナダ産 ロブスター天麩羅
Lobster Tempura
Fried Lobster tempura from Canada served with matcha green tea salt

Madai & Vegetable Tsutsumi-yaki
Sauteed madai sea bream, tiger shrimp, Hamaguri littleneck clam, and seasonal vegetables in parchment paper, served with charcoal salt

宮崎牛 サーロインA5 ローストビーフ
Roasted Miyazaki Wagyu sirloin A5
Roasted Miyazaki wagyu served with grated wasabi from Shizuoka Japan and housemade onion soy sauce

Kohaku Hako-sushi
Taraba king crab from Alaska and marinated salmon roe served over vinegared rice

Housemade Dessert